“Sympathy wanting, all is wanting; its personal magnetism is the conductor of the sacred spark that lights our atoms, puts us in human communion, and gives us to company, conversation and ourselves.”Amos Bronson Alcott

I remember as a kid being astonished when my father, with his hand-held high above a table, was able to project its shadow upon a nail that lied upon it, and then, with a wiggle of his fingers and no touch needed, he was able to make the nail move. The nail followed what seemed to me to be his will. My little brain churned with wonderful new ideas of what could be done if my dad would both harness and teach this power!

I was soon let in on the gag. my father’s other hand had been below the table guiding the nail with a magnet the entire time.

Magnets are weird, right? Is it just me? They have always captivated me. I could still waste away hours playing with them. They have an anti-gravity effect that is other-worldly, mysterious, and even magical. I am convinced that when we all get our flaying saucers some day to buzz around in, magnets will serve as the power source that allows us to hover in one place above the earth/s.

Another interesting fact about magnets is that they not only attract, but also repel. They repel so voraciously, in fact, that the entire earth’s gravity can be defeated by a tiny magnet. That tiny magnet can send a chunk of metal flying up, away from itself, and away from the earth’s steady pull.


  1. 1.
    A physical phenomenon produced by the motion of electric charge, resulting in attractive and repulsive forces between objects.


What is the parallel?

Instead of waxing long to build up to my points, I am just going to dive straight for them.

If love is gravity, all of the other emotional desires that we have, or those moments that throw us in a direction that our love would normally hold us strongly too.


  1. 2.
    The ability to attract and charm people.


Anger is a great example of this. How many times do we parents break the bonds of love by rashly yelling at our children. The polarization of that moment over-powers the deep gravity of our love and controls our emotions, spinning us catastrophically off course.

The most powerful magnets we humans have been able to make are those that use electricity. my parallel to electromagnetism is simply advertising, media, social media, gaming, on and on. These are all things in our lives that pull at us, and many times pull at us more powerfully than the gravity that we feel toward each other.

If we are to draw these parallels, I do think that it is important to understand how a magnet works. Every atom is composed of different parts; protons, neutrons and electrons. It is the electrons that play the biggest role in magnetism. They are spinning around  a nucleus. This spinning creates what is called polarity, or a positive vs. a negative charge.

Think about the poles of the earth. If you look at the earth from space, there is no such thing as top and bottom. But, pretend that you are looking down on the north pole as the earth spins. You will notice that the earth is spinning counter-clockwise. (This is why water spins that way, as well as tornadoes, on the northern hemisphere.) Inversely, the south pole spins the opposite direction. All things that are associated with the poles (held by their gravity) must spin in the same direction. Were they to not, they would be thrown from the pole.

The same is true for magnets. The directional spin of the electrons within a material will create a pole. heavy metals that are charged will have a stronger polarization. More atoms have been gathered together building a larger force of polarity. Each side of the magnet will have an opposing polarity. When another similar particle, whether charged or uncharged, meets with the magnet, it will then become charged by that magnet’s polarity.

So what…

Well, what this says to me is that I can easily check where my polarization lies by seeing what things I am attracted to. Do the things that catch my attention and hold me fixated matter? Are they of value? If not, my internal workings are maybe spinning in the wrong way.

The beautiful thing about this, I believe, is that by being cognitive of this, thinking this through, making choices, and putting in the work, we can DECIDE to change our own polarity. We can make the difficult choice to align ourselves with those things that are good, honorable, strong, etc… We can continue to re-adjust our polarity toward those things that we love, and become magnets ourselves! Who knows, maybe we will begin to attract others to the good as well.

magnetism can grow, or it can weaken, depending on the charge of the new particle or materials added. by building a caucus other people who are aligned with those parts of life that build the future for the good, I believe that we can become more and more powerful.

Magnetism is not bad. It is a reality and a feature of nature that we have to deal with and understand. It is a feature within our own nature, that when harnessed and used for good can be a powerful tool. However, when we are not focused on it, and we lose sight of the more important things in our lives, the polarization of things that we are near to will suck us in or throw us far from what we originally loved. Keep in mind what it is you are pulled to spend your time doing. This will show the truth behind where you are aligned in your inner self.

Now go read that first quote by Alcott again. I hope it makes more sense. (It is kind of nonsensical at first sight, I will admit.)